Dr. Kaushik Ghosh is a Health Science Photographer and Digital Imaging consultant, lives in Kolkata, India. Kaushik is formally trained in medicine, visual arts, and imaging science. His focus areas are Visual Communication in Medicine and Medical Humanities. He is also a photo researcher and freelance photo editor. Kaushik is open to commissioned works, consultation, and collaborative projects.


  • The first & only Indian recipient of Graduate Imaging Scientist (GIS ARPS) qualification in the field of medical and scientific photography from The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (RPS).
  • The first corresponding member from India in the Medical Group Committee of RPS.
  • Overseas member, International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA).
  • Conceived, developed, designed & implemented India’s first graduate course (B.Sc.) in Medical & Scientific Photography at PGI Chandigarh.
  • Commissioned health science photographer of “Rotavirus Vaccine: the India story”, a coffee table book released by Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Health Minister of India and Mr Seth Franklin Berkley, Epidemiologist & CEO of Gavi Alliance on December 5, 2019, at New Delhi.
  • Commissioned health science photographer of “Bihar’s story of Routine Immunisation” –  a coffee table book released by Mr Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar and Mr Bill Gates, Co-chair Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on November 17, 2019, at Patna, Bihar.
  • “Behind-the-Scenes in Child Health” – a solo photography exhibition about seven extraordinary people behind the success of India’s Immunisation program; organized by Global Health Strategies (GHS), International Vaccine Access Centre (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health), Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh and Child Health Foundation; at AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi from September 6 to 12, 2019.


121001-6192For about a decade, I am amalgamating my education (in medicine), training (in visual arts) and my zeal (for photography) to visually communicate health and medical care. While on this journey, I have been searching for my true calling and identity. An existential question to myself – who am I – a clinician, an artist or a photographer? The conflict within arose from my work as a silent observer, capturing (with or without camera) my predestined encounters with unforeseen moments in life, death and beyond. While initially restricting myself to this visual pursuit, later on, I have endeavored to integrate the science and humanities behind medicine & photography, both intricately in synchronicity with humans. During this pursuance and endeavors, I have traveled remote places, met and interacted with different folks, explored diverse cultures perceiving health and medical care in a holistic way and have endeavored to document the holistic science of humans. My body of work is incomplete, imperfect in their representation. My photographs are half told narratives — subject to the interpretations, imagination, experiences, world-views of the viewers. They are meant for communication — to imbibe values & truths, to induce reactions. Here they are for posterity to judge for their import and worth. Do be free to lend your voice to my stories, to give a voice to visuals“.

For commissioned work and collaboration, feel free to send a message: mail@kaushikghosh.net | voiceofvisuals@gmail.com