Dr Kaushik Ghosh GIS ARPSDr. Kaushik Ghosh is a consultant photographer of visual communication in medicine, public health, and medical humanities. Born into a family of physicians, Kaushik is formally trained in both medicine and visual arts.

Kaushik is the first Indian photographer awarded the Graduate Imaging Scientist (GIS ARPS) qualification in the field of medical and scientific photography by The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (RPS). He is also the first Indian committee member in “The Medical Group” of RPS. Kaushik is the pioneer in developing, designing & implementing India’s first graduation course in Medical & Scientific Photography at PGI Chandigarh. He is the member-contributor of International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA).

Kaushik is currently engaged with different organisations as consultant photographer for various medical, scientific and public health assignments.

Beyond photography, Kaushik has a keen interest in the subject of Medical Humanities. He is currently working on his personal medical humanities project of researching, documenting and archiving the origins as well as historic political ramifications of the structured medical practice of different systems of medicines in colonial and post-colonial Calcutta.